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Catering Safety

QHSE Department

QHSE department was established because we strongly believe in serving safe food to the clients and to be unique by the existence of such department which plays a very important role in the service and in setting up the sites concerning the hygienic aspects and implementing the HACCP system in all company sites.
QHSE department employees were chosen among those who have experience in implementing the HACCP system and those who have the ability to train the staff practically and technically in serving safe and healthy food to the clients.

QHSE Department Objectives

  1. Training employees and staff working in food and beverage and catering field in quality, health and safety principles.
  2. Implementing the HACCP system in all sites.
  3. Guarantee work continuation and increasing work financial profit also guarantee the quality of the served products.
  4. Rising up the served food quality and the provided service.
  5. Protecting the staff and clients health by implementing the hygienic rules, cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  6. Reducing the food waste and increasing the food validation by implementing the healthy and hygienic rules.
  7. Continuous audits and visits to the sites to inspect the healthy aspects for avoiding any negative points and to contact with the clients for achieving any demands or desires.

On the other hand, there is a training program for those working in the sites by the QHSE officers and by the continuous visits.

The training program includes the following

  1. An overview of the HACCP system.
  2. Food cross contamination (through food handlers - storage - serving - preparation).
  3. Food poisoning (cause factors - symptoms).
  4. Food bacteria (kinds - growth factors).
  5. Hygiene and safety procedures in the sites.
  6. Hygienic storage procedures for all food items.
  7. Temperature control during receiving, storage, and cooking.
  8. Staff personal hygiene.
  9. Cleaning procedures for all equipment's in the site whether the regular cleaning or the deep cleaning.