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Oil Safety

In conjunction with tailored safety programs including the Green Hatter Program and daily individual safety hazard analysis, El Nahar conducts regular safety inspections, continually setting and reviewing safety goals.
El Nahar management is engaged at all times, ensuring safety is always given top priority.
El Nahar management team continually monitors safety reports to identify training opportunities and any developing trends.
With any reported incident, management dedicates resources to investigate the exact factors that contributed to the incident.
The team develops a plan of action to prevent a similar incident from recurring. Our continuous focus on safety is what separates El Nahar from the rest.
In addition to the focus on how our people conduct themselves in the field, El Nahar takes safety to a higher level.
Our product engineers have focused on designing products which are inherently safer to operate and maintain.
Our solutions not only deliver industry-leading performance in terms of emissions, working capacity and heel reduction, but they also outperform the competition in the area we call engineered safety.