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El Nahar Company

El Nahar is a leading company in the field of Oil & Catering services
The Company established in dedication to the provision of services for clients in
institutions, organizations and worksite.

We have built up substantial resources in the form of skills, expertise,administrative and logistics support which together provide comprehensive vital support services to our clients, their Workers and dependents. 

As food and transportation are the most essential elements for man's life, that provide him with the needed security and energy to achieve output and civilization, "El Nahar Oil and Catering
services " saved no effort to provide and promote distinguished services and increase production while working even in extremely difficult circumstances whether in deserts or seas.

El Nahar’s team has a longstanding history of exceeding expectations, while remaining at the leading edge of innovation.

Our company’s philosophy:-

Is to be the one and largest place providing complementary services in the petroleum field, Oil, Catering, Housekeeping, and Laundry services, while maintaining the highest quality standards required for each service.

El Nahar Company