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El Nahar Company

El Nahar is a leading company in the field of Oil & Catering services
The company established in dedication to the provision of services for clients in
institutions, organizations and worksite.

We have built up substantial resources in the form of skills, expertise, administrative and logistics support which together provide comprehensive vital support services to our clients, their workers and dependents.

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El Nahar Services

El Nahar services have been developed in response to demand from businesses industry that wants the best services. We provide and promote distinguished services, as regards food supply for working places like organizations and institutions.... More

Oil services

Providing Oil Solutions Services, including: Maintenance and activation of oil... More

Catering services

We provide: Services in different forms such an open buffet... More

Oil Safety

In conjunction with tailored safety programs including the Green Hatter... More

Catering Safety

QHSE Department QHSE department was established because we strongly believe... More





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